MANTRIN is a Sanskrit word meaning a scholar especially within artistic or intellectual circles; a counsellor who guides with his ‘mantras’.

Today, opportunities need to be explored and realised in the right way to achieve success. Our story has infinite tangents, and new horizons beckon us with every new chapter that we write.

Every story has a beginning; ours began in 2001 inspiring from a humble idea – “Let Us Communicate Better.” Since our inception, we have had a strong desire to communicate exceptionally. It has been this insight and meticulous grounding that positions us today as one of the renowned advertising agencies read more

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“I have worked with Mantrin for over six years. They have always excelled at developing creative ad campaigns, innovative new sales materials and great public relation stories and done so while working within our budget. Each new campaign has had a fresh approach and stays within the style that we have established as our signature look. They keep us from straying away from sound marketing plans. I would recommend this agency to everyone wanting to increase their business and image.”

Surinder Kohli, CEO Smart